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In general, I'm split on the issue of whether to clear one's house when there may be a Bad Guy, or whether to hide in your safe room, prepare to ambush, and call 911.

Some people have kids or other family members that need to be accounted for, so for them clearing in essential.

Clearing is dangerous because you don't where the BG is, or even if there is a BG, in some cases. But even though I don't have kids, I'll still clear my house. Reason being: one or all of my 15 dogs will tell me where the BGs are. They (the dogs) also act as a BIG, NOISY distraction to the BGs, giving me an unusually good chance of making contact with out being "made".

If I lived alone, without dogs, I would be very hesitant about clearing my house like a hotshot, especially without professional training in the tactics.


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