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I've studied (Hakkoryu/Yosh-tsune)(the dash is an 'i'...damn censor) JuJutsu off and on for several years. I've found it to be a very interesting alternative to all the KEEYAAA styles. Much more technical and intellectual,with an emphasis on sophisticated joint locks and pressure points, and you take less of a beating. Because it is so effective, there really isn't full sparring...too dangerous.

The most interesting aspect is that YOU can control the escalation of force. You can dial it up from one to ten, depending on the situation. YOu can use a come-along hold to sit your drunken abusive brother-in-law down at a wedding and have a chat with him, or you can put several assailants in the hurt locker. Aikido, a descendant of Jujutsu, does this, but it seems to me to have evolved far away form a true martial style in many cases.(watch Steven Seagal movies... all his good stuff is swiped from other, non-Aikido styles) It is the Way of Peace, but sometimes that just doesn't work. I hope to resume my Jujutsu studies soon. IMHO

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