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AR 15 Handguard

I am planning on switching the factory handguard on my RRA carbine. I am a little torn between a few options and do not fully understand the implications of choosing certain ones so ill consult the experienced .

For the most part, I will not have anything mounted on the handguard... however at some points in a given year I will want to attach a foregrip and maybe a flashlight for a class I take. I will mostly just use the handguard...for my hand at the range and at Appleseed.

For this reason, the Magpul MOE hanguard appeals to me because it is light, inexpensive, looks nice, and can accomodate rails. However, I am concerned about this product overheating during my tactical carbine classes at which I sustain a hefty volume of fire all day long. Also, for this class If i choose to attach a foregrip and/or a flashlight I do not trust poylmer rails.

The alternative choice which is starting to trump MOE is a metal quad-rail handguard. Thus far, I like the looks and price tag of DoubleStar's Hanguard. I believe the added weight will be negligible, love the looks, understand that it will be sturdier than polymer, and understand I can employ rail covers when shooting at appleseed, and take them off for the tactical class.

So, unless someone can pursuade me to go with Magpul, I will assume that a metal handguard is the way to go for me. That said, what recommendations can my fellow gunsmen make as alternatives to DoubleStar?

Thanks in advance everyone... always a pleasure dealing with this community.
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