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Originally Posted by doh_312
I cannot say I'm well verses in the exact details of the CSU ban. I would imagine, since they cannot make laws up there, the only thing they can do to a non-student/employee, would be to have their security escort you off the premesis.

I cannot imagine they could call the police, there is no law being broken. But I'm not a law expert, certainly do not take my word for it.
Originally Posted by rburch
If I read it right, this change is just an administrative ruling right?

Does it effect non-students/faculty?

Here in Virginia the public colleges can ban students & faculty from carrying, but there's no law against it. If you're caught, you're expelled, fired, etc. (The exemption is VCU where it is illegal to carry)

So at Virginia Tech, anyone who isn't a Student or Staff of Virginia Tech can carry there with a valid permit, including Students or Staff from another College.

I was just curious if the situation was the same at Colorado State?
Not sure how it works in Colorado but the University of Michigan along with Michigan State and I think Central Michigan University all have the power to create laws as if they were a municipality. They even have their own police force. Thus, if UofM says I can't carry and I do, I get arrested and charged with a felony gun crime. Their "policies" do carry the power of law.
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