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One of my favorite folders is the Spyderco Military. This knife (in it's T440v variant) is an outstanding blade. I've had mine about three years now (I think, it seems like forever) and it has yet to need sharpening, despite frequent use/abuse. It sees a fair amount of prying and lateral stress at work. The G10 scales have yet to show any deterioration. I like metal liners, but don't think it's a critical issue. This knife replaced my Spyderco Police (one of the ATS34/titanium variants) as my backpacking/work/general carry folder.

I can't really comment of the Civilian, but I do like hawksbill blades. I have an Elishewitz Parrot's Beak that I carry on occasion. This is a helluva knife. Much stronger lock than the Walker liner on the Military. Then again, it ought to be for three times the price.

I believe that Emerson, Elishewitz, Wegner, and possibly another maker whose name I can't spell/recall have licensed the hole from Spyderco.
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