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Guess I'll join the Cold Steel bandwagon, we filleted 80 salmon with one and it would still shave! My bro-in-law got that one to take to hunting camp to try to wear out the edge on moose. He guides for a living and had never seen a blade hold up so well. The only thing I did was to add a pocket clip ala SpiderCo. The sheath from the factory is too big. I did'nt Dremal, I used a punch to loosen the main spring. Vaquero Grande, besides it matches the STS Vaquero I've been carrying cross draw the last couple months. 3 5/8 in barrel with round butt fore and aft on gripframe. Weighs only 33oz! 300gnXTPs roaring out at 1250fps! YUP, it's a .45LC. Ya gotta see what LBTs do to Kevlar. See ya city folks..


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