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How much are professional gunmen going for these days? I'm having a birthday party for my youngest and......

Seriously, I carry a Benchmade myself very often, though I am migrating to fixed blades the more I learn about them. I have recently recieved a Cetan. It has not exhibited any magical properties yet, but for $125 I think it is a great knife.

On the higher end, I purchased a Mirage-X Micro for around $300. it has exhibited some magical properties, in that it shaves steel off my other knives, cuts glass and passes through magnetometers without a peep.

I also ordered another knife from Kevin McClung last week. It will be in the same price range as the Micro.

All three of those knives are sub-4" blades so that they are legal to carry in Tennessee. 2 of them are 3.5" or less, so they pass FAA regulations. With the three of them, I think I will be well outfitted for some time to come.

Even if I carried all three of them and a KISS on my pocket, I still wouldn't equal the cost of many of the guns I have carried around without any consideration for their cost. The kicker: As a civilian, I have actually used most of the knives I have carried for more than piece of mind.

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