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I agree with Mr. Cooper on the combat triad and with Mr. Bowman on the combat quad. While I have not yet read Mr. Cooper's books, from what I do know of him, I would suspect he combines tactics under one or more of his combat triad concepts. I agree that mindset is the universal foundation. I think it is the single most important. All the doodads ever made will not help you if you are not mentally prepared to use them.

But I include strategy in the concept of mindset. I'm not going to fight the other guy's fight. If he stands right next to God as a's time to get a rifle. If he's Mike Tyson, I'm not going to get within ten feet of him. In short, how can I negate my opponent's strengths? How can I shield my weaknesses? If someone is using strategic concepts against me, (for example, striking me where I am weak or unprepared) what are those weaknesses and areas of unpreparedness? What forms might attacks take against these chinks? How will I handle these different attacks?
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