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Spartacas, once again an excellent topic,

Let me throw in the concept of combat triad , a la Cooper, or combat quad, as is taught at the police training institute at Illinois University.

Jeff Cooper has always incorporated the concept of interdependency of:

• Mind Set
• Marksmanship
• Gunhandling

John Bowman at PTI espouses the combat quad or interdependency of:

• Mindset
• Marksmanship
• Gunhandling
• Tactics

I tend to agree with John, Tactics must be part of the combat elements as the other three factors will be useless without tactics.

But the element of mindset is universal. If you are not mentally in control of the aspects of taking a human life for purposes of preserving yours or your loved ones', the other skills are useless. One must understand the difference of killing and murder - set a mental trigger, - , that point in a deadly confrontation when use of lethal force will be used to stop the threat of death or great bodily harm. Set this point and practice, through visualization, its execution.


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