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Well, thank God, it wasn't an eight year old with a handgun. Just a tire tool. Wielded by a berserker warrior in an eight year old's body! This wasn't a bad kid, guys. This was a little boy helping his dad in a confrontation with a real big stranger who had just greatly upset his dad. I was filled with admiration for his courage as I was doing the bugout boogie.

Toy guns were mentioned. I don't like them as I think toy guns condition kids to play with real guns. I will not allow them around me and advise my friends never to buy one for their children. Air guns should be treated as real weapons not toys. If a parent would not allow a child unsupervised use of a firearm then they should not allow unsupervised use of air weapons. Toy guns have led to several tragic episodes with law enforcement officers and this is one instance where I really feel a great deal of compassion for the LEO's involved.
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