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Spartacus: Great posting. I agree that we all too often get wrapped up in tools/hardware rather than actual strategy. In order to ensure that we're all talking about the same things, allow me to propose the following. Strategy has three sub-elements which we can easily link to personal self-defense. These three sub-elements are: endstate/ways/means. The obvious ENDSTATE for us is survival/life/avoidance of serious injury for ourselves, our loved ones or other innocent persons. WAYS are the specific tactics we apply, as tempered by law and morality. MEANS are the techniques/tools we use (pistol/rifle/shotgun/knife/impact weapon/unarmed techniques or, if possible, avoidance/de-escalation). If you lack any or all of the three sub-elements, you don't have a strategy. Personally, I don't understand why you would use a different tactic in responding to a violent (potentially deadly) attack by a minor. My attitude may have something to do with the fact that the VC and Somali's used children to carry out or support violent attacks against US military personnel...that made them fair game...what's the difference on the street? You might have to live with the result, but at least you/a loved one/an innocent person lived or avoided serious injury due to your judicious use of force. If it's a personal choice on your part, I understand. For me, avoidance (walk away/de-escalation) is number one. If not tactically possible, one must be prepared to do whatever is necessary to end the confrontation on favorable terms, within the bounds of the law and morality. Besides skilled use of the weapons I have at hand (MEANS), I must utilize TACTICS such as: movement, cover & concealment, which weapon or weapons and technique to use based on the situation, etc. All of this is wrapped up in what must be your personal DOCTRINE regarding use of force...that is the basic principles which guide your overall actions as tempered by your judgment, law and morality. Sorry if I've made your head hurt...mine is just from thinking about this stuff again!
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