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Sometimes I think we get way to caught up in our weapons and their capabilities and the other doodads we all love

How much time do y'all spend developing your personal doctrine,i.e, under what conditions will you fight? For example, my doctrine has different decisions related to the age of an assailant. My decision when attacked by an 8 year old with a tire iron was totally different from what it would have been with an adult or even an older adolescent.

Doctrine dictates strategy. The conditions under which I fight determine the ways I fight. The ways are my strategy. By way of extreme example hosing the neighborhood my assailant escaped into might not be appropriate. On the other hand, in what ways can I achieve my objectives (the definition of victory) without fighting at all? This does not mean such actions as not walking the streets at night because bogeymen are out there? It means how do I walk the streets as I please without being hassled?

Strategy drives tactics. Once I have the ways to fight then I look for the means to fight. I'm getting to the tools here and how we use them. But we must never forget the tactical advantage. I can be armed with the best sidearm and longarm ever made and one guy with a softball bat right behind can take me out. He has the tactical advantage.

What's y'all's approach?
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