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Trouble Feeding Mauser 98 Action

Hi all, I recently picked up a lemon of a Parker Hale Safari in 243win, which is essentially built on a mauser 98 large ring action. It has a drop-bottom magazine, supposedly for 4 rounds capacity. My troubles are:
1. I can put in 4 rounds, but then the bolt wouldn't strip the top round - it just sits there!
2. I can put in 3 rounds, and it strips (mostly) but sometimes still jams when the claw doesn't engage,
3. I can put in 2 rounds and it wouldn't strip at all most times, and
4. I can put in 1 round, and it will strip and the claw engage!!

When the claw is properly engaged, it does eject the round positively. I have no experience with such magazines (my other rifles are detachable box mags). Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?

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