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I have owned and used a number of Microtechs, and have handled almost all of the production models. Here's a quickie rundown of the ones I've owned and used:
L-UDT: the most usable of the lot. Simple, powerful side opener.
SOCOM MA: good ergonomics, novel blade grind on the original tantos, thumbstuds too pointy for IWB carry.
SOCOM DA: very sluggish blade opening
HALO: great letter opener, requires two hands to reload the spring action front opening blade

All MT's sport excellent fit and finish, with better than average ATS 34 blades shipped with popping sharp edges. I dislike auto openers for messy work due to the fact that most are difficult or impossible to disassemble for cleaning, and they're usually more difficult to close with one hand than their rocker bar or liner lock cousins. The MT's are fairly pricy for a utility knife that is ultimately no stronger than a $35 Spyderco Endura. If you must spend big bucks on a folder, get an Emerson Commander or a Sebenza. My Sebenza is simply the strongest folder in terms of edge performance and lock stability.

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