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George: I carry Punch II on occasion, but have never used it. The Punch II is available from Shomer Tec, as Dennis mentions above. It contains 5% of 2,000,000 SHU, isoproply alcholo with a ultra violet dye for suspect identification, and isobutane/propane as propellant. This is a relatively high concentration, but I'm curious about the flammable content for the propellant.

As far as decon, I believe I have read (and it makes sense as well) that cool water is best, and specifically not to use warm or hot water, as this simply opens the pores or your skin, slowing the decon process. After shooting, or being around the range, what does one do - wash your hands and arms, as well as around your face, with cool water, as warm/hot will open pores and do exactly what you're trying not to.

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