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I carry OC but haven't used it. Also keep it velcroed here and there around the house and vehicles. (NO, I am not paranoid) However, I treat people regularly who are sprayed. There's a state prison about 3 miles from my emergency department. Often it is the officers who I treat after the inmates grab the OC.
People's reactions vary. There is an asthmatic inmate at this prison who would die from it. We've told the administration that OC with this inmate is lethal force...hell, hair spray would be lethal force with the guy.

When I was in basic we went into the CS room, took off our gas masks and said name, rank, and serial number. If they hadn't carried me out I'd still be trying to say the first syllable of my first name. Some guys calmly went through the drill and sauntered out. I took a deep breath before removing my mask, didn't breath any of the gas and still couldn't get out a single syllable. I think I could have fought though especially if someone closed with me.
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