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I'm a LEO and a Chemecal Weapons Instructor, every thing you have heard is right. Capsicum is 1000% better than Mace(CN), for incapacitation CS works Best. But it takes several seconds to work in spray form. I've been sprayed with all of them and used all of them.
Mace score is 1 for 2, and I got an injured left knee.
Capsicum is 1 for 1, Crazy guy out looking for Druids and Satanist (Honest). he took two steps away and dropped. was incapacitated about 25 minutes.
CS Score 3 for 3. 2 fighting drunks and a enraged Ex-husband that wanted a piece of his Ex-brother in law. he never tryed to hurt me but I couldn't hold him.
My personal experiance:
Mace (CN) Just makes me mad, hurt just bad enough to make me want to really hurt the sprayer. Eyes water but I can still see and want to fight even if I didn't before I was sprayed.
Capsicum Almost instantly skin is on fire. It's hard to see, but you can fight and shoot if you have to. You get a burst of strength, after a minute or so you want the burn to stop.
CS For a second or two you wonder why you were sprayed with, then it starts to feel like billions of little needles in your skin, then you can't see, and then you can't breath. If you can't breath, you can't fight.

The differant percent levels of Capsicum does make a differance, not in knock down but in how long the effects last. 2% about 15 minutes, 5% about 30 minutes 10% about 45 to 55 minutes. Also the fairer your skin the longer the effects last.
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