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I like the 10% FOAM... Ordered out of the Galls catalog, in the green labeled can. Good stuff. Great for when your at Taco Bell and they dont have any "FIRE SAUCE." Okay, so I lost a bet. The result was the hottest soft taco I ever ate. Never bet against cops. The effect of "dragon breath" lasted about 5 minutes. That wasnt the first time I tasted OC. Used it on duty many times to good effect. The Foam seems to be easier to use and live with. Good if your tranporting in your patrol car - the OC stays on the subject and doesnt aerosol/vapor into you while your driving And it makes a good breath freashener too.
Ate some (some being a drop about 1/2 the size of a dime) once and kissed my wife. She went running to the fridge and started chugging milk, and eating bread... I was hooting and laughing so hard. I slept out in the shed that night, and didnt get a hug for a week... but man, that was funny.
Used it in a weapons retention situation... Filled the guys face and mouth full of foam - he inhaled sharply and took it down his lungs. He coughed and threw up for an hour... but at least he was in custody and I was alive...

Yeah, I like OC. Saved my life several times... Diffused bad situations just by pointing the can. Intimidated the hell out of one guy and intimidated him into submission - he said, Man that -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- is candy... I said, yup... took a tiny squirt just to taste it... then said "You want some now?" He said no, and complied with orders.

The think about OC tasting - never let them see you sweat. And keep a straight face too. Once they are in cuffs, you can spit and swear all you want.

Dont try that at home.

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