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If you do not want the extra mailings, write to them, or call them, and tell them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not ( with the NRA, it did for me).
Father Donovan sends me about a zillion pieces of mail every year asking for more money to " the orphan children not have to go to bed hungry..." I have written twice and asked to be removed from the mailing list, but they can not do it. I just toss the stuff. Not that I have anything against hungry orphans, but money is tight and if I they do not get drawn, they do not get the donation.

(My wife takes all these requests from charitable organizations and puts them in a shoe box, after pulling them out of my trash can. At the end of the month she pulls two or three of them out and will send money. How else to be equitable? )

The NRA is the biggest Second Amendment Rights lobbying group available. Numbers speak big in Washington DC. If they can use my name to increase that number, I will gladly spend the yearly renewal fee. I do not care about the hat, the knife or any of the other things they send out. I read the magazine and it gets recycled to either the VA Hospital or the local bank lobby area.

I do not remember the source or the exact numbers, but there are statistics out there that say for every 1000 mailings, the organization receives $xxx.xx. Because they do the mass, bulk, mailings, they pay less for postage than we do. The printing is so large for these mailings they get reduced rates, and get to write them off as a business expense.

I wonder about guys who complain about their erosion of rights, but won't spend $35.00 a year to help preserve them. I know some people who can not actually afford the money, so I have given them a gift subscription. But I know a lot of others who can afford it, but choose not too. I guess it all comes down to priority.

OK, I have rambled and ranted enough.
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