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Some observations:

-I eat spicy food a lot, slathering tobasco and black pepper on a lot of my grub, so that may be a contributing factor.
-Immediately prior to the spraying, I thought of someone who really irritated me and the incident that really got my goat. I had prepped myself into a rage so I wasn't caught cold. Note that opponents might be similiarly "prepped" also.
-The burning feeling made me want to SMASH, CRUSH, DESTROY, and MANGLE something. People's reaction to pain is hardly a known factor. Some may collapse, some may go Edzilla mode.
-This OC had no ...whatsitcalled...scoville heat unit rating on it so the 10% may be meaningless. Note however that the label advertised "Police strength" and promised the world.
-Observers were split into 2 factions:
1) Gun people said it wasn't tremendously effective
2) Non-gun people attempted to rationalize, saying, "It could still give you time to get away"
-Best description by an onlooker: "Edmund wasn't incapacitated, he was inconvenienced"
-I don't think OC spray is useless, but if/when you use it, you had BETTER have an alternate plan B if plan A doesn't work!!
-Some asked if I'd do it again with some for real stuff with a maxi-scoville rating. I said only if I have a softball bat as a minimum and I'm really going to try to beat on whoever sprayed me. No takers.

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