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I let someone spray me a few years back to see how well it would work as advertised. The label promised "instantly incapacitates regardless of influence of drugs or alcohol" or something like that. No, I wasn't drugged or drunk, but I stood with mouth wide open and let the 10% get me all over my face/mouth/nose. Someone else was standing by to catch me as I fell to the ground.

With a roar cry, "I'm gonna knock your skull off!!" I ran across the driveway, attacking a simulated target (candy cane ornament stuck in ground) with a simulated weapon (paper towel tube) swinging away about 10 times at the thing. Not hitting every time, but not drop dead incapacitated by any means. On the video tape of it you glimpse the sprayer running for his life during my charge.

After the 10 maybe whacks I dropped the tube and groaned, holding my face. A bunch of laughter and quesitions like, "Describe how it feels!" "Burns....burns BAD" after which I started punching the air in front of me in a rage to illustrate I wasn't out of the fight. I walked unaided to the garden hose to spray my face off. Didn't help.

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