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I sprayed someone in Boston about 6 or 7 years ago. He was drunk, I was escorting someone from a resaraunt to a hotel. An associate continued with the client and I sprayed the daylights out of the BG who was looking for a fight and wasn't taking a "no."
Long spray from about 3 feet. I had one of those mini-canisters of OTC Pepper Spray.

He screamed and stumbled into an alley. In retrospect (and since I have been sprayed myself since then for training purposes) I believe the guy was more shocked than incpacitated at first, though he undoubtedly had a misreable night. I caught up and continued to the hotel.

The worst part was that when I put the cannister back into my pocket I contaminated said pocket. I ended up contaminating my hand the next day, which was rather embarrassing and annoying. After a dry cleaning the coat was fine.

Obviously, there are issues about spraying a drunk and walking off, but under the circumstances it was the only logical choice.


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