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Not at all. There was no offense taken. It's often hard to express oneself over the internet without seeming either pedantic or rude. It's hard to see or hear me smile over the web. Wait, I never smile...

I was honestly just attempting to forestall any thoughts that I don't *care*. I do. I have no problem with helping someone who's taken too much drugs, and is dazed and needs to be kept awake until I can get some charcoal and sugar into his system. (Even if I think they're a @#$%ing idiot for doing this to their body.) I'll do what I can for them, help them outside, look for any friends they may have, call a cab, etc. I am an atheist, but try to live my life with honor and guided by the "golden rule", which is a universal principle. I am just not going to put myself into a lot of risk for someone who has chosen to take multiple actions with known destructive effects.
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