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Gosh, I love you guys! This type of feedback is exactly why I love TFL. I especially like olazul's very informative posts, but they're all great, and very much appreciated.

I did believe my risks from checking id's or re-entry stamps to be slight. The reason my boss loves working these places is because there appears to be virtually no violence compared to straight clubs, (example: I worked two bars Saturday night for 14 hours. I probably saw upwards of 1000 people. No fights.) though I will have to consider carefully if such a situation develops. (Spartacus advised "breaking up" violently quarelling lovers suchly: "You guys stop. Stop it, I said! You better stop."

Another thing that concerns me is the risk of catching something while hauling out partyers who have gone down on "G", which is evidently one of the drugs of choice in these bars. These folks tend to spew sometimes, so I could get some gastric slime on me...yuck.
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