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(I know that someone may not see the logic in posting this in a CQC forum. The sad fact is, that winning a fight and contracting a lingering, eventually fatal disease is not victory at all in my eyes. With this in mind, I believe this to be germane.)

I have recently begun working security part-time in some Midtown (Atlanta) clubs. The clients are all clubs that are largely or almost entirely gay. I am not "homophobic"- I believe in everyone's right to free choice, provided those choices do not infringe on other's rights- but I am concerned about some potential health risks. I have lived a life that many would describe philosophically as "clean" or "moral". Scientifically, I could be described as extremely low-risk for any type of STD. With the emergence of HIV as a widespread, unstoppable killer, I have been concerned for years at the possibility of contracting a killer STD through nonsexual conduct.

My question is this: am I at risk for catching AIDS through checking id's or touching someone's arm? With the volume that goes through these clubs, I know that I must have come into contact with quite a few HIV carriers in the past few nights, but wonder if the risk is so low as to be statistically insignificant. (And, who really trusts a government study, anyway?)

Any information or resources given will be appreciated.

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