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Hi guys,

The cover shot used in SOF was taken with a 60 hybrid of several parts sans bolt carrier group, and front site post. It was stripped for sure but still checked in at 27 pounds. The belted ammunition of 50 rounds was real and if you noticed, the belt had broken just before the feed tray if you look closely you can see a round in battery under the feed tray cover. This was our first trial jump of several and we attempted to seat the belt in the feed tray and tape the loose belt to the weapon. After canopy deployment at about 6K Murphy dictated that removing the riggers tape required a chain fall and the belt had broken at the first link. Upon landing, I was merely holding the belt in position and never thought this shot would be used.

This weapon is jumped normally bagged or strapped in some fashion to the jumper. Dennie and I were trying to show that a normal tandem free hall of 15 to 20 K could be accomplished merely holding the weapon to the body availing it to immediate use upon canopy deployment. The concept of one or two mini gunships covering a larger stick of jumpers has made sense to me. It does work and can be employed with small unit operations as the single jumper is vulnerable to ground fire.
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