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There was a big bulldog that kept wandering around in Spartacus' yard when I was there a little over a month ago. This dog appeared to be somewhat unstable, and inclined to stalk neighbors pulling into nearby yards. He probably was about 80 lbs. In any case, I considered popping him with Spartacus' .22 Browning, but was afraid I might not have the legal basis, since he had not actually attacked anyone yet (and, this was in the city, so it would not have been "discreet")...after having this canine fruitcake prowling the yard for an hour or two, I went out there w/ a katana, not a Taiwanese POS aluminum import, either. For some reason, the bastard would not let me close w/ him...

Raven, "OSS" are bs. I used to put faith in them too, when I was younger and more ignorant. If one looks at the methodology used, it's obviously flawed. I was fortunate enough to have my initial training under one of Taylor's Combat Masters (Don Busse). The doctrine was two to COM, evaluate, failure to stop if needed. Other schools teach firing until the threat goes down, but since duty handguns are horribly underpowered I am aware of cases where "bullet sponges" absorbed whole magazines of ammo until taken out by a rifle. That is why "OSS" is bs.
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