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IMHO, a good stick or bat will be better protection against a dog than a handgun. First of all good luch hitting an attacking dog with a pistol (a shotgun would be another story). Second, the cance of a OSS with a dog is almost nil unless you blow it's head off. Someone already mentioned a dog that took 4 shots with a .44mag to go down. How many humans do you know that could take three shots from a .44mag and still attack you? Also I recall a show on discovery or one of those channels where they were interviewing criminals to find out what they look for in stores to rob after hours. One guy said basically 'If they have a dog, never try to rob the place. A dog will easilly take two bullets from a gun and still attack you and chances are you will only get one shot off before he is on you'. YMMV of course.
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