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Very interesting thread. This is something I've thought about often. I'm a "dog person." I've been around dogs all my life. My first advice is *don't run*. Unless the dog/s are far away and you have a safe place close at hand you will be caught. I've ran with dogs alot and except for very small dogs they can out run me easily and I'm not slow. Also, running triggers thier chase instinct. They become more determined to hunt you down. Instead of running use whatever time you have to draw or look for a weapon and get your back up against something. Make yourself as big and threatening as possible. If there's more than one there'll be a lead dog who'll be the one likely to attack first. Yell and threaten him with whatever you have in your hands even if its just waving your shirt. Against untrained/feral dogs this *may* work to put them to flight. If not the previously mentioned technique of grabbing them with both hands by the loose flesh around the neck can work. Grabbing thusly and swinging them around into whatever backstop you've (hopefully) found could work. IMO, the technique of giving the dog your forearm and putting your other arm on his neck and rolling to snap his neck has very little chance of working. Dog's necks are strong and thier spines are too flexable. They'll just twist around while holding onto your arm doing tons of dammage. Better off going for an eye gouge/grab and hope it lets go and runs away. Personally, I carry pepper spray and a knife and would employ these in a dog attack.

I ran afoul of a dog pack once in Ensenada, Mexico. It was a pack of about 10 feral dogs. Me and two buddies were drinking on the beach when we saw this dog pack coming. Luckily we were next to a rock jetty. We climbed up and scrambled down to the end. The dogs circled around the beach end but couldn't get up the rocks. They ran around on the beach barking for awhile then left.

I was also attacked by a pack of coyotees while camping in the local mountains. I had my dog with me, a little terrier mutt. He chased all of them off except one that ran to attack me. I grabbed a tree branch that happened to be on the ground and as the coyote approached I raised it over my head and yelled. The coyote thought better of attacking me and turned and ran. Both times I was lucky but hey, I'd rather be lucky than good.



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