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I see one flaw in all the comments up to now. Although it IS in line with the original post's question, what would we do if there were more than one dog attacking us?

If that were the case, I think the best solution would be shoot and keep shooting until all within range are incapacitated, or get inside a vehicle, phone booth, (anyone seen a phone booth lately?) or other enclosure.

If the above fails, I'd say the best option (only option?) would be put on your best war face, do your best war howl, attack and keep attacking in the best berserker tradition with whatever's at hand until one side wins, keeping in mind if/when one dog latches on, your mobility will suffer and the rest will probably pile on.

...ya suppose the sight of an overgrown Korean ("dog-eater!!!") charging while howling all out would make some dogs flee?
I wouldn't count on it, but might as well go down fighting.

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