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I`ve had a few bad experiences with dogs,in one a friends dobbie (who`d never met me at the time) attacked me. It ran at me and leaped off the ground aimed at my throat mouth agape. I reacted without really thinking,when it`s feet left the ground I nailed it in the chops with a hard right. It landed on the ground with a thud and went and hid in the corner,which is a good thing cuz I don`t have the foggiest what I would have done next if it hadn`t. In another notable encounter 4 mangy strays surrounded me on a suburban street one night. I backed up to a chainlink fence so they couldn`t get me from behind and pulled out my Sm.Kershaw DWO (although they weren`t called that then)and faced them,determined not to show them how scared I was. The biggest,a black lab,started to close in,snarling and such. I crouched down a little and faced him,staring right into his eyes while minding my peripheral vision for movement. He closed to just out of my range and stopped,I took half a step toward him and he stepped back. I did the same to the dog to my right,the smallest ,and it moved back too. I used this to give myself and opening and worked my way down the street away from them,never turning my back. In that case all the old standbys seemed to work. Boy am I glad I didn`t have to face 4 dogs with a 2.5" folder!!! Marcus
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