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You are the MAN! I think it possible to defeat a dog bare handed, but it is not something that I wish to do.

There are some good points made here!

In the series of books by John Ambrose Hunter there is a reference to a letter from his contemporary, the tiger shooter from India, Jim Corbett. Corbett writes that it has been sometime since he last wrote, and that he is sorry but that he has been recovering from a run in with a tiger.

A man eater was preying on a village, so he went up there and baited the tiger with a goat. Shooting from a machan in a tree he somehow wound up on the ground, with a wounded tiger who bounded in an acacia thicket. His gun bearer ran off, so he fired up a lantern and entered the thicket with a 12 gauge shotgun in search of the tiger.

He just realized that the tiger had doubled back on him and turned to be struck by the tiger as it leaped upon him. He was upon his back and the tiger was attempting to disembowel him while seeking the base of neck bite that that species kills with. Drawing his knees up, Corbett thrust his left arm into the tiger's mouth and every time the tiger released it to spit it out in order to get the killing bite he wanted Corbett thrust his arm in deeper.

Finally the tiger gagged and stepped back freeing Corbett's right arm and the Greener shotgun. Thrusting the barrels up under the tiger's chin he fired both barrels killing the tiger instantly. The shot also amputated his left hand above the wrist! The delay in writing was due to the fever and infection that he had as he recovered from this experience.

When I was a child, I watched the neighbor man deal with a dog that growled at him as he shagged it out of his garbage can. When the dog showed his teeth he reached towards the dog, and as the dog went to bite him he grabbed the dogs lower jaw and twisted it turning the animal over onto its back in one quick motion. This was a shepard of about 70-80 pounds. When the dog landed on his back the neighbor kicked him solidly in the ribs with a vicious kick. That dog left for parts unknown in one hell of a hurry.

Couple years later my brother was bitten by a large Irish Setter on his paper route. John quit delivering the lady's paper as she refused to pay his forty dollar doctor bill.

She then would call the newspaper up and complain that her paper was missing and they would deliver one and charge John about 2.50 for it. (In those days one deliveres 100 dailies for about 14.00 every two weeks).

My father spoke to the woman and she was adamant, her dog NEVER bit anyone, and she wanted her paper! On sunday Dad delivered her paper with a mattock handle under his arm. When the paper hit the screen door the dog attacked jumping from the porch to my dad's position on the steps. He had the mattock handle in the middle with his hands about 14 inches apart. He offered the dog the small end and as the dog lunged for it he smacked the cur with the big end, and then he lit into that dog with both ends of the handle alternately. He knocked out at least two teeth and the dog had had more than enough inside of 5 or 6 seconds.

Never had any problem with the dog again.

A brick in your paper sack makes on hell of a dog whacker. You hold the sack out in front of you fairly high, and as the animal goes to grab it you swing it violently in a loop back towards you, he moves in to discover the brick descending sqaurely on his head.

I like dogs, if yours bites me, or looks like he is going to bite me, he is going to be toast.

When I was wrenching for the City of Minneapolis, a burglar was holed up in a warehouse and the cops ordered him out. He did not respond, so they loudly announced that they were sending in the dog.

He responded that he was not coming out if there dog was present, and if they sent it in he would kill it as he was deathly afraid of dogs. They sent the dog in, the burglar was bitten terribly, the dog was stabbed, slashed and disemboweled. The burglar survived. The dog did not.

One dog, Spectre, like taking a knife from someone, you can figure on being injured. Two or more dogs, better have a good shotgun.

just my .02

Ni ellegimit carborundum esse!

Yours In Marksmanship


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