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I did two things to overcome a dog that the owner swears wouldn't bite.

He kept jumping up (the dog, not the owner)
like he was trying to grab my forearms or wrists. Everytime he jumped, I kneed him in the chest. This would flip him over and slow him down. I didn't try to run. I haven't seen too many people that can flat-out outrun a dog, especially if they're over 30 years old. If they can, they should be in the Olympics!

He finally did get my right hand, and, for whatever reason, I didn't try to pull away, I jammed my hand down his throat as hard as I could, and he started gagging and choking immediately. I guess I figured that if he wanted some of me, he was going to have to eat all of me at once. I got him in a sort of headlock and continued to "feed" him my hand and forearm until his life mission was to get away from me. I got two scars on my hand and a tetanus shot out of the deal, but the ole' hand down the throat trick changed his mind quickly.

Not pretty or graceful, but effective in that particular scenario. Oh, the dog was a 6 year old Doberman.

As far as packs of dogs, I can only recklessly speculate on that. The problem is maintaining any kind of offensive mindset while several dogs are chewing on you. The few times I have seen any kind of pack attack, it appeared there was a "lead" dog that was most agressive, with the other dogs being somewhat less agressive. Maybe if you could eye gouge the most agressive one, and work your way down the line??? I don't know. That's a tough one.

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