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First of all I believe that you must attempt to determine whether the dog(s) in question are feral or trained. Feral dogs tend to run in packs. Many, but not all, trained dogs are recognized species quite often associated with these type duties. Most trained dogs will go for the arm. Training a dog to go for the jugular could carry severe legal liabilities, I would imagine. As posted above move to a backstop, wrap your leading arm (hopefully off or weak hand) then go for the throat when they latch on. If you can access your weapon use it. Feral dogs would be very different as many are rabid. If in doubt, beat feet. Most rural people I know shoot unknown dogs (and cats) on sight b/c city folk don't want that cute little puppy they got for Christmas that grew into a big dog. They think they are doing it a favor by putting it back in it's "natural" environment; the wild.
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