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If your a dedicated semi guy, disregard this reply, lol. If your open to other ideas, take a look at the CZ 452's The base model is kinda weird feeling at first because of the VERY euopean stock shape, but even with the factory open sights, its a tack driver. Reminton was importing the BRNO for a while, not sure if they still are or not, and calling it the Model 5. Little cheaper then the CZ but a solid 50+ yrd bushy tail decapitating machine. My uncle has one and off of a bench with solid work on our part we get 3/4 in groups at 50 all day. I've made head shots on crows at over a 100 yards with my CZ varmiter and the CCI Velocitor loads consitantly, thats a super tough to beat combo, but that is a .22lr around $500. Winchester sells the wildcat, not sure who makes it or where its imorted from, but I have been told by people I believe its a super shooter and its under $250. My varmiter CZ is going to get replaced one of these days with the American model for lighter weight but, I hate to get rid of that rifle. I've never had a .22 (or anything else) that shoots that good. If you have to have a semi, have you checked out the T/C Classic? They are not a tube feed magazine but super built and accurate rifles, and gorgous to look at. I've been drooling for one since they came out just haven't picked one up yet cause I bought the CZ the year it came out.
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