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I'm putting this on TFL (rather than e-mail)so the medical professionals on-line can support, refute, or supplement my comments.

'Bout five years ago, I injured my back. As time progressed, the orthopedic surgeon diagnosed: "traumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, probable spinal stenosis, bone spurs, & spinal curvature due to obesity ... inoperable". He said I would be in a wheelchair within 2 to 3 years and sent me to therapy. They gave me exercises that caused much pain, including sudden flashes of severe pain and failed to increase my strength or flexibility.

My wife (a Registered Massage Therapist)explained at least some of my pain was caused by muscles trying to "protect" the sore back. As those muscles tired, they began to hurt, so the adjoining muscles tried to protect the sore muscles, and this created sort of a "cascade" of increasing back pain. My back felt like a series of "charlie horses".

By gently pressing on my back, she could tell me where the pain was the greatest and when it was strong or weak. (I tried to trick her and couldn't.)

My wife put me on a program of therapeutic massage and helped with my exercises.

Two to three years after I was supposed to be in a wheelchair, I am still teaching CPR (among other things) and I can pick up my own "empties" at the range. I can live with the continuing "discomfort" but I don't try to lift heavy objects and the more I move, the more I maintain my ability to move.

1) Testimonials only apply to the testifier.
2) My wife explains there is a great variance in the knowledge/skills/effort among RMTs.
3) I'm NOT a doctor, etc.

I'm only an EMT. I tell my patients, "Find a doctor you can trust, then trust your doctor."

But if I take my car to three garages for an estimate, why should I NOT take similar care of the only body I'll ever have?

Doctors on-line, comments?


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