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Kodiac, Morgan,

Thanks for responding to my post!

I know too many injured old jocks sitting home watching TV. They/We need to get motivated, get out, and DO something to get into some reasonable physical shape!

I was, at one time, an over-zealous jock (I think my buddies were into "extreme" sports before it had a name) in any case my back problems are the result of injuries and they have become a problem and it is pretty serious.

I haven't succumbed to becoming a 300lb coach potatoe. My wife and I eat right and I've managed to keep weight down; but keeping active and staying fit is much more difficult working around the injury.

I've made a commitment to find a trainer/therpaist to help me get focused and into better shape. I'm going to talk to one tomorrow.

Morgan, pursuing any martial art or even any "normal" sport would be getting "back on the bike" and that is my goal. When you have a serious injury everything focuses on the injury; especially the kind of physical training you do. In one sense, you have to; since a major operation generally puts you at "ground zero" physically.

On the other hand, I've been through this process several times and it seems to me that a training routine that has a goal "above and beyond" the necessary therapy for the injury; would give a back sufferer "something else" to focus on that would provide motivation. An incentive to keep traing.

Martial arts is the kind of activity that could provide that additional incentive and motivation.

The martial arts seem to have a lot going for them in terms of offering fellowship, motivation, and a goal orientation. Young injury sufferers would respond too that!

I apologize if this thread is somewhat off topic; but I know at least a dozen ex-jocks (one an pro football veteran) that can barely tie their shoes because of back injuries.

Martial arts might "give back" something that was once very important to them. The sense of accomplishment in a sport. Training in a martial art, even at a reduced level with no contact, would emphasize progress at a discipline, boost self confidence, and, hopefully, hasten the recovery process.

I truly know nothing about the various martial arts; but reading your posts has sparked this idea and I want to follow through with it.

I know too many talented guys who are now sitting home on their butts; because they can't get motivated to get into the physical activity they desperately need. At times, I am one of them!

Kodiac, I will look into jujitsu to see if it might be appropriate.

As far as GunSite training goes, I certainly agree with you! Obviously, folks who are injured, are far better defended by systems that utilize ballistic energy!

However, my inquiry is not directed at pure self defense. I simply think that a martial arts environment; might be an excellent place for injured old jocks, like myself, to get the motivation and physical training they need. The self defense goal may have practical value; but it primarily offers incentive!

Thanks again for your responses! I appreciate any thoughts you might have on the subject.

Best regards,

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