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As a veteran of four back surgeries, I'm wondering if any of the martial arts disciplines emphasizes a style of training that would be therapeutic for a bad back; with the least amount of strain.

Like many young back sufferers, I find it difficult to get motivated to do stretching routines and other therapy that is important to maintaining strength.

Bad back sufferers need to engage in a lot of stretching activities; while strengthening back and abdominal muscles. Developing leg strength to take the load off the back muscles is also important.

If any of the martial arts disciplines focuses on these areas; it might be an great help to younger back sufferers.

Martial arts might provide a goal beyond "just" rehabilitation and offer a powerful psychological motivation to keep training. I know a number of injured "ex-jocks" with bad backs who would much rather train for a purpose beyond physical therapy.

I don't know anything about martial arts, so please forgive me if this is a naive question. Are any of the martial arts disciplines better suited to stengthening and physical conditioning that would benefit bad back sufferers?

Any thoughts you might have would be very much appreciated!

Happy Holidays! Kurt
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