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Unless you are determined to get a new .22, for squirrels, what is wrong with your 10/22? I'm always looking for an excuse to buy a new gun and sell an old one to pay for it. For instance, today the sun came up and it would be a great day to buy a new gun. You could upgrade that 10/22 with countless choices that would add functionality. As Far as the Mod. 60, have not shot one for some time now but I see no reason not to buy one. For a squirrel rifle, the 10/22 has many good points. Last week a buddy showed me his new squirrel 10/22 and it had a carbon fiber barrel as well as a sythetic stock and trigger job. It really handled nice and I wouldn't mind taking it to the woods. I'm not sure what you are goiing after but there are many choices beyond the 10/22. Good luck and good hunting.

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