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I thought by your post you meant a Third weapon for a tactical operator? A second handgun in addition to the strong side hip/thigh duty weapon. Is that the case?

If so, I think it is more than the average operator is going to want to deal with. Not saying that is might not be a good idea, simply that in the real world, many of today's SRT members are regular patrol officers who are additionally tasked with responding to tactical calls. This is the case with our county SRT and many larger ones, including Nashville Metro's SWAT team.
These guys have a lot of gear that they normally carry already adn are not likely to carry a "readily accessible" third weapon. The ones that I know of who choose to carry a third are either carrying NAAs on their vest or on a chain around their necks or small Beretta's in ankle rigs.

*** Based on some off board Email, let me make it clear that I am not saying that No county officers or Metro officers are carrying thrid weapons.. just that they are not exclusively tactical officers, they also serve in a standard patrol capacity. Individual officers may on both teams could certainly be carrying a third weapon that is accessible and "duty" sized, I am just not aware of it***

I think the cross draw vest carry is more of a liability than an asset, especially for a third weapon, but even for a primary sidearm.

I concur with srt6 that the thigh carry is the best option for a tactical team sidearm, but still keeping it out of the way of your tac-vest and belt gear, not to mention the operation of your long-gun.


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