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A secondary weapon (specifically handgun)is critical. In terms of carry, I have worked with operators who prefer cross-draw holsters attached to modular vests. The most common and most secure is leg holsters, specifically dropped and securely attached to thigh. I guess it would be user preference and what you train with; however, there are several disadvantages to cross draw. The most problems I have seen are noise. Depending on the size vest and position of the holster you can also run into interference when transitioning. The other major issue is holster retention systems. I have yet to see a cross draw holster specifically attached to a modular vest with a retention system.

I did alot of research on the issue and test and evaluated several different holsters for secondary weapons in tactical operations.

The parameters for selection where:

- Securely attached to thigh.

- Dropped holster with double retention. In addition to the thumb break the holster had to have an internal retention device so that when you reholstered you didn't necessarily have to snap the thumb break.

- Minimal straps and no metal pieces (noise discipline)

- Soft construction...little to no kydex

In view of other holsters ie. shoulder rigs, hip holsters, etc. they dont offer the rapid deployment needed and tend to get in the way, especially if you are wearing a high level tactical vest.

In the end we ended up having them custom made.

Hope this helps. Dave

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