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Hopefully this topic falls within the scope of this forum. The carry of a secondary handgun for a patrol officer or entry team operator is undoubtedly a good idea. However, this second weapon brings with it problems of accessibility, hindrance of mobility, weapon retention, and possibly concealment.

The ankle rig is a common secondary weapon carry system for concealment, but poses problems when running. The ankle rig also doesn't work well with tactical boots. A smaller pistol in a thin holster mounted to the elastic straps of concealable body armor is comfortable as well, and poses fewer problems in mobility and accessibility than the ankle rig.

On a load bearing/ballistic vest, cross draw holsters are available. I question this as a valid positioning of the secondary weapon, as transitioning from the long gun will place the handgun underneath the long gun. Hopefully one will be reaching for the primary hip holstered weapon, but it still leaves two other weapons clanking together. Worse, the cross draw rig presents the weapon to a subject in the event of close contact. Velcro/snap mounted holster pads are available for modular vests, anyone have experience with how well these stay on the vest during a scuffle? Placing one on the strong side would be preferable for retention and accessibility in conjunction with a long gun.

What are some other solutions to this carry dilemma? Oh, and YES, I have been thinking about this topic an awful lot lately.
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