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Hey Rich,

Thanks again. I don't want to offend the kata crowd, I still do some (Enshin style karate to be exact) but they are not "classical" in the sense that they are not old. I did my share of the classical stuff, looking for the magic pill I guess, but like you, it wasen't what I was looking for.

The goal of any training for combat, not for the sake of art, should be as quickly as possible progress the student to a dynamic enviorment. This can be done in a day, keeping the methods simple. As an example, the the grappling class we teach for law enforcement, we start by describing to the students the most common positions you will see on the street, by either the crooks or the cops. There is only 6 really. We take those positions and drill the students at first static, with no resistance. Then we have the students repeat the drills, now with resistance. Throw in some gross motor skill techniques, mostly the Carotid restraint and locks. To cap things off, the studnets will lightly spar against Deni Chalker or myself. They then get a chance to feel the movement under stress, from a variety of body types. The drills are simple, easy to remember, but like anything worthwhile, you must still do the work. Students are reminded that they need to take this stuff home and practice. Anyone can argue one system over another, but its all pointless unless you apply some sweat. An old warrior from Japan once said "you should train more than you sleep". Kinda tough since I like to sleep. HA!
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