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Like I said, Mike, I don't see it. I think it got started when I local "hero" officer started winning a lot of the police games type competitions with Wado-Ryu, that was about 20 some years ago and now it is the most popular martial art in this part of the state. I wasn't even familar with the art unitl I moved into this area about 5 years ago (middle Tennessee). The local Dojo even has three classes per week that are full of LEOs only.
I was invited to attend a few classes and thought that the training was good, but I still don't see Wado, being based on strikes and blocks, as a great choice for LE applications.

I am only vaguely familar with GSGI's techniques, but I admire any style based on practical, economical movements which can be (or better yet are designed to be) executed under stress. I caught the end of one of Harry's demos at SOF expo this year and I look forward to seeing more.

I appreciate your frankness about katas. Katas are probably the main reason I have not "found a home" in any particular Dojo or art for any length of time. It is great to hear an accomplished instructor with a well regarded school who doesn't hold katas in the same regard as a catholic priest speaking about the virgin Mary.

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