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Hello Guys,

Wado-ryu for cops? Thats different. Of course Wado-ryu does contatin some elements of old style ju jitsu so maybe thats the draw.

Allow me to offer this thought. Styles are representations of an indivuduals beliefs, either on combat or any other discipline. Most claim (or hope) that their systems are based on combat experience, ie what worked for them during that era, under their conditions and with their body styles. Some systems, such as Japanese koryu, have strived to maintain the techniques over a given period of time. Does that make it a good system? Katori Shinto ryu is a 400 year old sword system, but does that make it effective for modern times? It that were so, wouldn't the military and law enforcement add it to their "systems".

Most training groups, such as GSGI, strive to teach students to react in dynamic enviorments, such as the use of Simunition and Redman training drills. Keeping the techniques as gross motor skills and training under stress offers a high level of retention and confidence. You don't have to repeat a classical kata 1,000 times to learn the skills for combative effect.
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