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Having flirted with many different styles, most of which have been mentioned I have come to the conclusion that, as many of you alluded to, no one style is perfect. This line of thinking is kinda like "What is the best defensive handgun."

Around here Wado Ryu is an incredibly popular art, especially in the LE community. Personally, I just don't see it. I have always been fond of the principles of Aikido and have practiced off and on for a long time.

I think SB made a very important point that the school you choose is often more important that the art. Travelling almost constantly and having lived in several different parts of the country, I have seen a lot of belt factories that give you a check mark everytime youshow up for a class and put students up for belt tests with more regularity than a Co-ed on The Pill. Conversely, I have seen very few schools with a good focus on what I consider to be the big picture. Not dancing and not braggin rights, but real tactical insight.
I enjoy one on one or very small group training sessions with people who are serious about their defense. I'll never get a Black Belt from the Grand Guru of the Perfect Discipline with that approach, but I like to think I can handle myself in a dark alley if I have to.

That said, I have used the skills I learned as a high School wrestler more than anything else in HTH confrontations: Control their limbs, use your hips, keep your balance and know how to fall.

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