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--swooping down from the rafters...--

Okay. I have watched this thread develop and even sent out a couple of private emails a couple of days ago, because of where I thought it was going. Well it got there.
I thank Rich for stepping in, as I did not feel it was my place to do so, but now that he has commented....

What you did was make a typical statement. I would expect to here it in many settings, but I would prefer not to read it at TFL. I respect just about everyone here very much and have recommended this site to a great many people as what a Forum should be. No offense to anyone who particpated, but I felt that this topic was loaded. Spartacus pulled the trigger.
You did generalize when you stated:
"if a federal agent told me the sun was rising in the east I'd grab a compass and go outside to check"
Hey, I generalize all the time, but not to denigrate a group of people who out there standing on the line trying to protect our country. Sure, many of them make mistakes, but a great many more of them do the right thing, every day. A guy with a badge should get the benefit of the doubt until he proves he doesn't deserve it, IMHO.

I've been on both sides of an investigation and understand that things are not always fair-- for either side.

Discussing the Tactics involved at Waco is kinda like discussing the JFK Assassination. Lots of theories, lots of ideas, but only a few people were there. Only a few people really know what happened. As none of them are here it is kinda hard to have something to really discuss.

This is a great resource that we have, one that everyone can contribute to in one way or another. It will only get better if we continue to add facts, ideas and opinions. If we start throwing accusation and conjecture into the mix, we will follow a whole lot of other online forums into a maze of immaturity, bad info, personality cults and flame wars.

This is all my opinion, FWIW, if I've stepped over a line, send me an email and I'll edit this whole message to read:

"Hey, whatever, come find me when you're ready to talk guns...."

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