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Sorry. Reread my post. I did not generalize. I specifically limited my observations to the federal agents I have seen with my own eyes. No media or hearsay was mentioned. Granted I have only seen about 15 in action. I am also open to the possibility that there are many honorable agents. I have one question for them: How can you consider yourself to be honorable defenders of the Constitution while taking the orders of Ms. Reno, Mr. Freeh, Mr. Clinton, et. al.? The FBI agents from the Ruby Ridge incident who testified in open court that they disregarder the "modified" rules of engagement for those rules were obviously illegal were honorable men. Wonder how their careers are doing in relation to Lon Horiuchi?

There is no excuse, no mitigating circumstance, and no ex post facto rationalization which will justify the federal government's actions at Waco. Waco was the result of arrogant abuse of power and a blatant disregard for the Constitution as well as-apparently- an utter lack of humanity.

On a humorous note in regard to your observation about Quality Assurance nurses. I've a friend who was written up for only obtaining one IV access on a trauma patient when the standard of care is for a minimum of two large bore IV's. His reply? "Well, since the patient was on a stretcher hanging from the side of a cliff, at 2AM, and in a blinding deluge of a thunderstorm...I'm actually very proud of what you described as my substandard care of this patient>."
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