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Ok. I'll bite! (I feel you were "fishing" for rebuttal with your "paranoid, alarmist" comment.)
Part of the problem is we civilians are not given the complete story - total and free of bias. Part of the problem for you is that we live in a country where some civilians have the (perhaps mistaken) impression we have the right to question why tanks were used on civilians. Why were the front doors disposed of so quickly? Why was the place bulldozed so quickly? Why was the NRA told they could examine the so-called fully automatic firearms - but when BATF learned NRA would x-ray (or whatever) the guns to learn if they were in fact auto or semi-auto access was immediately cancelled without explanation?
I'm not attacking the BATF (at the moment) for anything other than their secrecy. To permit only certain information to be published, to blatantly hide and distort facts (even AFTER the trials are over) wipes out the BATF's right to be insulted when "paranoid alarmists" ask, "What the heck happened? And why won't you tell me?"
And about being a nurse. I'm an EMT-Basic. I teach First Aid and CPR for a living.
But my background is twenty years in military intelligence. I can continue this conversation in Russian or German if you so desire. (I've lost my Polish, Hindustani, and Urdu language skills due to lack of use.)
I am also an American, as you are, and as the nurse is. I also support my local LEOs and LE agencies, physically, financially, morally, and with my teaching skills. Don't you EVER imply we "civilians" have lost the right to question your actions - regardless of what our profession happens to be. We have the right to question law enforcement because we're Americans.
I'll quit now because I'm pissed.

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