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I can understand people's concern over the WACO incident, however, once the wheels were in motion, you've dedicated youself. I find that many don't know the true facts of some of the factors such as the FBI inserted extremely high tech listening devices to listen in and hopefully know positions. If you were lucky enough to hear the tapes you can hear orders being given to torch the place in different places which were also consistant with the arial photos of many small fires at different locations. I also wish everyone was able to view the video tapes made inside by KORESH and some of the negotiations which gives a better understanding of his insanity and the haunting audio tapes hearing the execution one by one of the kids and elders that had "taken refuge" in the concrete bunker under the tower with KORESH.

My point to this is that yes, ATF and FBI may have made some mistakes but the fact is they had a legal warrant and how long should it take to turn yourself in when knowing your under arrest? So is every person you arrest now ok to get into a philosophical debate before he's off to the klink?

They had to use whatever weapons and tactics that were authorized by their agency. If you don't like that then push for better weapons than 9mm sub guns.

As far as guns and gear I thought everyone there did as good as they could have under the circumstances. I would like to hear what they could have done better based on the real facts, not on a paranoid alarmist's anti-government post WACO video.

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